I've done a lot of things, and I'm always trying to find a new creative way to showcase it all.

I'm an artist. I'm a programmer. I'm a geek. I'm a thinker. I'm a reader and a writer. I'm a creator of stuff.

Currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada, I am a fulltime software and website developer. I specialize in complex backend programming.

Dezign Styler Artwork

I pride myself in my artwork and take care to make every pen stroke perfect. Drawing has been a passion since I was a small child. I start with a blank piece of paper and stare at it until I envision the design mapping its way through the page. Each precarious drawing can take up to ten hours to complete.

I grew up in the country appreciating hard work and nature.. I relish green life.. I must have at least 2 vines of ivy growing in whatever room I dwell in, because mother nature is beautiful.. The natural growth of the earth in itself is a piece of art..

I see art in everything, from a rusty nail, to a polished gem. The inspiration for my creations are found everywhere. I start with a blank slate or a blank page, and I close my eyes. The art that I'm about to create traces itself in my mind as a vision.


I have been selling crocheted creations for over a decade. They evolve as I do, as I learn where to gather the best materials, how to stitch the styles that people love, and how to be most efficient with the work.

Among my many creations are Secret Compartment Book Safes. These are very time consuming, but I've seen nothing like what I make anywhere on the internet for sale, so far. My obsession with books has led to this new craft. I decorate them with clock parts, cogwheels, keys, Sculpy clay creations, Steampunk trinkets, charms, and novelty knick knacks. They are shaped like real books and can hide amongst your other books on the bookshelf.

I've been working with plastic canvas since I was too young to remember. This is probably the first craft that most children learn. Except for the large plastic needles, it's almost impossible to poke your eye out!
I made about 6 coffins for Halloween last year. I sold out quickly. I hope I'll have time to make a few before Autumn, so I can be prepared for Halloween again this year.

I do take custom orders and payments via PayPal.

Sometimes I suffer from Little Ol' Lady Syndrom (LOLS) and sit in front of the TV and crochet all day.


I finally published my first novel in 2017, The Expedition, available in paperback and Kindle E-reader formats.The Expedition was created on a whim, based on a collection of images that captured my mind one evening only three months prior to publication. This story opens up detailing the downfall of our world and leaves the reader with amazement and wonder. My character gives up the life that she made for herself on Earth and starts over on an incredible planet that holds more secrets than we are able to surmise.

Of all the stories I've started writing in my lifetime, I finish the one about giving up and starting over.

In the works, I have about seven novels emerging ranging from young adult to psychological thriller. A fellow author friend helped me see the light in regards to my writing, and finally, some of the works that I've started when I was a young child will be brought to the page.

Beginning excerpt from The Expedition:

Being bombarded with information has become the cultural norm. We have such an abundance of data and knowledge at our fingertips that we've become complacent with it. Seeking knowledge was once an intimidating task left to the fanatical researchers and philosophers who would dedicate their lives to the work, providing the wisdom in summary to the masses and in thorough detail to those willing to pay for it.

Our education systems have evolved to further separate those who learn easily and those with the monetary means to prevail.

With such delusional acceptance that no negativity stems from convenience, readily achieved information surges. Experts are boundless, and answers are everywhere. Many answers are contradictory, but we get to choose the answer that we prefer.

We're becoming numb to rewarding information and proven discoveries, and we're glorifying fantastical theories that have either been disproved, dismissed, or forgotten as menial or simple. We are focusing on the appropriation of management and capitol and demeaning the necessary trades that sustain our progress.

The individuals pioneering through the unknown, breaking boundaries, are too few.

For such reasons, I have decided to join the expedition.

I've become complacent like many before me, enjoying the comfort of homely life, the routine of seeing the face of a loving partner daily, allowing my day to be put on hold waiting for things to happen. I too often fall into this state, where I put too much into the relationship I have with another person, planning my life around the time I'll spend with them.

I'm breaking a cycle. I said I'm leaving. I told him that he could join me if he wanted to. I knew that he wouldn't. I'd follow him, but he wouldn't follow me. I'm far better off alone when I want to be productive and concentrate on my work.

For such reasons, I have decided to leave.

No one can give me my future, but myself.

Ongoing personal works that will never be finished...


I loved the thought of having an all encompassing website to be a collection of all of the quirky facts and random tidbits of information that I've absorbed over the years. I'm turning this into an article based site that will focus on contributors, allowing authors a mini showcase and a connected twitter feed to promote themselves and encourage content generation.

Clicky Stuff

A personal collaboration between two college peers, ClickyStuff.com is being assembled as a vast collection of web development tools, tips, tricks, and tutorials. ClickyStuff is growing as an extensive resource center that will surpass its competition via design, ease of use, quality content, and a twist of humor.

Tye Dyed Monkey

Vast collection of small games, tedious tasks, and monotonous activities. Users will be able to create a profile with an abundant range of possibilities to customize an avatar. Avatars can interact with friends and participate in daily activities and fun mini games; all the while building their status, their closet, and their bank.